Active substances and herbal extracts

Our aim is to deliver the best quality of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, herbal extracts and raw materials from renowned vendors to the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, dietary supplements’ vendors and contract manufacturers.

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From nearly two decades The Nortrade Pharma has been functioning on Polish market as an importer and distributor of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), herbal extracts and raw materials.

At first, it was functioning as a Swiss company’s branch in Poland. Since 2011 it is operating as a limited liability company located in Warsaw.

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Our Products

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
Herbal extracts


Comprehensive search of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), herbal extracts and other raw materials, depending on client’s requirements

Suggesting the composition of the dietary supplements in therapeutic fields defined by the client

Delivery of finished dietary supplements products

Business Development
in the dossiers of generic products

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In our company we seek to meet the highest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and dietary supplements industry..